Human beings lie but pictures don’t, this is because they are an actual representation of an object this is the reason why we use our passport photographs in our identification cards or even use them in places of work. With the introduction of Photoshop we can make pictures “lie” look perfect with no faults that can be recognized by the naked eye

The things that you need are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Computer
  • Photo

The following are the techniques of retouching your photo so as to make it perfect.

  1. Select colors that you want. Select the foreground and background using the eyedropper tool to set foreground color and switching to background by using the shortcut “X”, remember to use colors that you are familiar with. Create different layers with these colors.
  2. Create folders. When working with a photo that will need a lot of compositions then you will need layers. Layers are stored in folders so you will have create and control folders so as to view its contents. You will control them using the Control/command key.
  3. Choose a gradient. This is the slip-toning effect and a gradient map is created by choosing the layer option, then new adjustment layer then you will see a gradient map that you use to choose your gradient.
  4. Fluid Vignette. A flexible vignette is used to darken the image, you will do this by selecting the area that you want to darken with an Elliptical Marquee tool then fill in the selected area with the darkening color.
  5. Improve the photo. You should open the photo that you want to retouch its skin, you will do this by going to the menu by opening the folder with the image then drag and drop the image in the screens that you have set colors. Choose the layers that you want to work with use a soft brush to paint over the new skin.
  6. Set the brightness. Make the eyes brighter and irises black, this will increase the image’s exposure.
  7. Differentiate paleness. Use the Orton effect to give the image the perfect sharp and pale combination. This works so well with images and if you are unsure of the blur that you want to use settle on this combination.
  8. Save your changes. It’s very frustrating and discouraging to do all this work and forgetting to save your changes. This is because you won’t be able to access or use it for future references. You can still retouch the photo that you have worked on, continuous use of Photoshop will enable you to gain the expertise required to be good in Photoshop, and this can make you money since there are people looking for experts to make their photos perfect.


  • Make sure that you have installed Adobe Photoshop in your computer.
  • Practice your Photoshop skills.
  • If you are not skilled in using Photoshop then download video tutorials that will take you through.